Support us in Solidarity!

Support us in Solidarity!

For several decades now, the Eastern Congo has been experiencing a multi-faceted and multi-sectoral crisis because of the cyclic  wars. This affects all aspects of life, especially human dignity, which also complicates the lives of children  by destroying the very structure of the familly in the region.

The Organization Gazelle “Pour La Vie Tous” (For the right for everyone to life) is in need of your help to achieve its objectives

Support is needed now. How can you help? Some have the time to share their skills as volunteers or contribute to activities in on the field in Rugari. Others can give much needed financial support. This can be in the form of a one-time gift, ongoing giving, a legacy gift or other form of your choosing ( e.g. education or office materials) :

1. Engage and keep in touch

Stay informed of the Community work and progress by subscribing to updates from our website. If you like what we do, please join us as a volunteer, intern or support organization.

2. One-time Gifts

We are extremely grateful for donations that can be made via PayPal (use the button below), bank transfer(contact us for details) or. All gifts will be acknowledged with a letter/receipt noting the amount of the contribution.

3. Monthly Patronage

 To contribute to the Congolese Community’s long-term sustainability, you may also offer us your patronage in the form of a monthly recurring donation that may also be made using PayPal.

4. Share our work

We welcome your support in other forms as well, like materials donations for our school.

For support or other ideas on how you might like to support, contact us today!