Our work & Activities

Our work & Activities

The organization “la Gazelle” pour “La vie pour Tous” (O.G.V.T) has opened an orphanage in Rugari, eastern Democratic Republic of Congo in central Africa.  Since 2013, it is a home that has provided shelter, food, health care, clothing and education for hundreds of kids in one of the most instable and life threatening area in the region. O.G.V.T provides dormitory accommodation for the children. The beds and other furniture are made on site by local carpenters. We are able to purchase clothing at reasonable prices from local markets, the children are well covered. Sponsors and donors also assist with clothing the children.

The situation of war and the continuing instabilities in the area has rendered the work of O.G.V.T more challenging. The conflict which has affected the population in general by destroying the very fabric of the communities; the family. The children are even more victimized by the current situations: delinquency, recruitment into armed groups, rape & violence etc.…and in extension the destruction of the environment and the ecosystem come to reinforce difficult life conditions in the region.

For this reason, the O.G.V.T main purpose is to facilitate recovering, training and mentoring projects for the orphaned children as well as vulnerable individuals in the community.  The O.G.V.T work specifically by:

  • Fighting against traumas inherited from war and insecurity.
  • Fighting against delinquency and the integration of young people into armed groups.
  • To promote and encourage development initiatives and, in doing so, to contribute to the reduction of unemployment and its consequences.
  • Promote cultural and sports activities.
  • Supervise orphans, encourage adoption.
  • Ability to educate the youngest and the alphabetization of adults.
  • Participate in the reconciliation and healing process to prevent conflicts between communities.
  • Fighting against sexual violence and social discrimination.
  • To uplift the socio-economic and health life of the people living in extreme poverty.
  • Identify street youth, raise their awareness on education or other apprenticeship so that they can self-take care of themselves.

O.G.V.T financial support comes from individuals and organizations such as “The Cariello Corbino Foundation” or Kimpa Vita Press & Press that either sponsor a particular child or provide regular funds for general running expenses or projects.  These funds help us to meet the demands for buildings, extensions and maintenance to existing buildings and many other ongoing projects.